The questions that are asked in this first assignment are questions that I’ve been thinking about since we’ve started this course. And I’ve come to the conclusion that our system is dysfunctional. Our system has changed to caring about the parties interests rather than the peoples. We have all these lobbyist changing the goals and needs of our country with money. We as a people our being put on the back burner.

From what I’ve felt and seen in presidential elections is that no, we don’t have a chance for truly great leaders anymore. It seems that anyone who steps out and tries to be a genuine person is shunned by its respective. Elections are about who has the best smile it seems, and hope and change and all the good in world stops at election day. The only way these candidates can be elected is to fill our heads with delusions of grandeur, and when we realize that they can’t capitalize on these promises, we want to immediately vote them out. Politicians are to worried about standing for the wrong thing that they end up not standing for anything.


I don’t think it’s losing legitimacy, but i think the American people do see it in decline. It seems like most individuals want to get back the good old days of America. Those days after WWII when we were number one and could be touched. I think people realize that our nation isn’t the same and they’re looking for someone or something that can bring us back to the status. 


But Rome is burning faster and faster it seems.