This is a topic that I feel I sit right in the center of. I mean that feel both sides have a valid point. We have a political system which in it’s nature is an open electoral process. But we’ve developed a tradition in which the election is pit basically two candidates. You’ll either have a Republican president or a Democrat. And that’s what we’ve all become comfortable with.

In this process we’ve made these parties into two molds which basically require the candidates to run with the parties set beliefs without letting the candidate much of their own beliefs, if ever they think differently. An example of this would be that John McCain was the more the bipartisan before the election period, but during the race disregarded this in favor of the more Republican ideals.

So we rarely see these alternatives in the election arena. The voters are discouraged because they feel that they’ll be throwing away their vote, and the alternatives are told to support whichever party they are closest to, in order to defeat the opposite.

Should we be ok with this? I agree that it many cases that it does feel like a vote is being wasted. It’s almost as bad as not voting at all. But if there ever was a time to shake up the system, now is the time. I believe that more and more people are becoming aware of the situation and genuinely want a change. The support for Ron Paul this election could support that notion. I think this would be a positive for the election field. Shake up the system. See what happens. I’m not saying change everything, but lets explore some options. It’s not like the American people are overall satisfied with the government as is.