Ah, the stadium debate. 

If you enjoy football in the least bit, or if you’re just from Minnesota, odds are you’ve heard something about the stadium. And it’s been a roller coaster of emotions in our lives for the past year. You may recall we had something similar to this three years ago with the Target Field, but it’s quite a bit more intense this time around.

Ok, so we all knew when the lease was up. We all know this stadium is expensive. And we all know we’re going to need a new one. So why are we just trying to finalize plans now? Heck, I don’t even think we have plans to finalize at the moment.

This Eleventh Hour debacle is not new (i.e the State shutting down). We assume we elect responsible adults to manage their time, our tax money and state policies, so why do these issues get pushed to last place, being that many Minnesotans find them pretty dang important? And, for the record, I think the Vikings stadium issue is right up their with the state budget issues. 

I want to switch into the assignment questions but I’ll be back for these thoughts. First off, the congressman who was interviewed on March 9th was incorrect is his approach. I don’t think it’s enough to decide how to vote first, then defend your stance to those who voted you in. I think if congress isn’t constantly responsible for the voice of the citizen then we have a disconnect somewhere. Does this then maybe take more time to come to a conclusion? Yes. Do I think this is necessary for the validity of our state and country? Yes.

So how is this going to improve the speed of our bill passing process? It won’t. Evaluating voters takes time. But the we, the people, are incharge. It is our state, it is our money, it is our football team. Congress is our tool to apply the policies that we want applied. Don’t like it? Tough. We, the People. Oh, and on that whole speeding up the bill passing process? Lets think of some thing we could remove that would speed it up? 1. Instead of talking about the deadline on the stadium, talking about raising your salary 2. Arguing over whether democrats or republics will have their name on the bill 3. Choosing to not talk to the other party because you don’t want to be flexible. I promise the people of Minnesota would rather have a solid plan for a stadium than to pay you to play hardball.

Yes, that got a little off track. But I don’t see where someone gets decides that the voters shouldn’t be involved. Most of us aren’t involved. We haven’t been given a chance to get involved besides the usual voter outlets. So no, I don’t think proposal should be passed without voter consent. I don’t know why we aren’t more involved. Not everyone wants to be involved and that’s fine, but give those of us who do a chance to really be heard. Just because we vote you in does not give congressmen the right to act on their own in my interpretation.  And I really think this will be a more effective process. Why? Because voters don’t filibuster.