Blog #1

This is a case that has baffled me. There are inoccent people being killed everyday without any media coverage so why is that different with Trayvon Martin? Is it because he’s black and George Zimmerman isn’t? Is it because Martin was underaged?

In the case for George Zimmerman, he probably wasn’t really that racist. I know he was/wanted to be involved in the Marines, and he has had reports of anger issues. He also grew up in a multi ethnic home and is bi lingual. So he may have had some judgments when he say Trayvon that night, but I do not think he was acting out of racial hate. But I’m not defending him. I think he should be tried to the full extent of the law. But when politicians and media personalities hang him out to dry like they did/ are doing, what does that say about the rest of our culture?

Do we just want to bring murder cases to the public attention when they’re acted between two different races? Is it ok when blacks kill blacks or whites kill whites? Because we don’t here about that. The media looks and Trayvon and sarcastically uses the word ‘Thug’ to demonstrate the state at which we judge people. “Oh, he’s just some thug” would be one example of what someone may say about Martin. And I agree that that is a travesty when citizens label others as such. I think the media should go out and challenge our thoughts on judging people as thugs. But who’s the one uses the label ‘thug’ in the first place? The Media! They created this label for George Zimmerman to use when he shot Trayvon. But hey, anything to get viewers right?

The fact that MSNBC would tamper with police tapes only furthers my point. In no way, shape, or form is the media helping with this case. What are they going to do by stretching these facts? What social problems do they think they’re solving? They are only furthering the divide between races in this country. THIS WILL NOT BRING US TOGETHER, THIS WILL TEAR US APART.

I feel similarly about Politicians, but not necessarily to the extent that I do about the media. I think it’s because we know inherently that politicians will do whatever they can to push their own agenda. It’s not as transparent with the media in our nation. But with selfishness that comes from many politicians, I think good can still come from them pushing their own agenda. Many of them, in my opinion, have pretty fair and decent agendas. If they’re going to make our country thrive, I’m all for it. I don’t see the earth shattering consequences as I do with the media. And that would be me judging to say all politicians are bad. I think Mayor Cory Booker is pretty swell.

All in all, I think when cases like this come to the publics attention, the media and some politicians do more bad than they do good. It’s just so tough when money is involved. It’s almost as if they’re *don don duuun* slaves to money.

But in no way do I support George Zimmerman. Please convict him to the full extent of the law. But don’t do it because the media told you to. Don’t give him any more or less than he deserves, based on what your T.V told you.